Wardrobe Edit Consultation

I guarantee an individual approach and work tailored to your needs. I will tell you which clothes are not suitable for you and how to correct errors. You will get personal recommendations on what to pay attention to and what to avoid, so that your wardrobe works for you and is your ally in achieving success and successful communication. I guarantee that your current wardrobe will be structured, streamlined and more efficient, and you will consciously begin to shape your wardrobe. As a result, I will prepare a shopping list for you - this is a visual list of the things that your wardrobe lacks to make it more stylish and fit the task of looking a certain way.

Who needs this service?

If you constantly spend money on clothes, and wear only 20-30% of your wardrobe, and the rest do not combine with each other and hang idly, and because of this images are monotonous and boring. You want to understand what you lack for stylish images. If you want your wardrobe to be both stylish and effective at the same time, then sign up for a wardrobe review and I will be happy to help you!

Up to 30 clothes: 800 AED
31-50 clothes: 1,100 AED.
51 and above clothes: 1,400 AED
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