Capsule wardrobe + Curated shopping

Here, I'm creating a personal style for you.

Based on your lifestyle, body shape, your personal preferences and budget, I will do web-research to find you clothes or whole complete look or even few looks where all clothes will combine between each other.

All looks will be supported with images and links to actual shops where to buy all selected clothes.

This service will save you personal time and money. You will get an original and personal style, within your wishes and budget. I will help you create a wardrobe that will make the right impression on others.

The format of the event is online by whatsapp / email / zoom meeting.

is the selection of particular clothes where ALL clothes are matching with each other and can be mixed and combined in anyway within this capsule. So you don't have to think about what to wear, just pick anything and go!

CURATED SHOPPING is the shopping when I support you online via whatsapp, where based on your photos and videos I provide you my professional feedback and support.

Up to 3 clothes: 30 USD without curated shopping or 50 USD with curated shopping
4-5 clothes: 60 USD without curated shopping or 100 USD with curated shopping
6-10 clothes: 90 USD without curated shopping or 150 USD with curated shopping
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