Business & Other Styles of Clothing Online Consultation

When buying the wrong item for wardrobe, the price of an error can sometimes be very high! What kind of mistake do I mean? This is the price of investment that we pay for it, for example it could be wrongly chosen a bag or jewelry which cost a few thousands USD.

Before buying something very expensive, you have to be sure that you will wear it for a long time and with pleasure. Such mistake can cost a hundred times more than this online consultation, where I give you advice on the clothes that will fit your figure, jewelry that will fit your personality perfectly, calculate the ideal size of the bag for you, tell you what is better to buy and what is better to avoid. I will analyze two of your looks of your choice and will give recommendations on how to make them stylish.

What does this consultation include?

The format of the event is online as Zoom-meeting.
Duration of consultation is 60 min.
I'm answering on all your styles related questions.
Analysis of your two looks (by image or video) and recommendations how to make them more stylish.
Personalized recommendations how to look more stylish and beautiful based on your body type.

Personal online consultation: 100 AED or 30 USD

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